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Expats Support Services in Germany

In our own experience as Expats in Germany, we had a lot of challenges like the German language, understanding the German processes, knowing where to start…

When creating Get In Expat, we wanted to put in place services that can help all Expats in Germany. That’s why we launched these first 3 Expats services.

1- Anmeldung – City registration

The Anmeldung (city registration) is the first mandatory step that you must perform when you move to Germany, since this procedure is key to unlock the next steps of relocation such as Tax Id, health insurance, bank account and others.

2- Kindergeld – Child benefit

Kindergeld is the child benefit system in Germany. Every family can apply for the Kindergeld and receive this child benefit. In 2022, the child allowance is 219€/month.

3- WikiMove – Your helpdesk in Germany

WikiMove supports your daily issues in Germany with a dedicated German native team speaking English: dealing with letters in German & talk over the phone with thirds parties or Customer Services providers

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Move to Germany with our relocation services - Move-In - Digital City Registration

Digital City Registration (Anmeldung)

The Anmeldung is the first mandatory step to register yourself in Germany.

This registration must be done within 14 days after your arrival in Germany at the closest city office of your home.

Fill the form for all your family.

In English, French or Spanish.

Print the complete form document in German.

Get the checklist of all the documents you must present.



Kindergeld in Germany

Digital Child Allowance (Kindergeld)

Various forms must be filled and sent to your “FamilienKasse”.

The Kindergeld is a child allowance for all residents in Germany ( independent of your income).

Fill the form for each child.

In English, French or Spanish.

Print all the form documents in German.

Get the checklist of all the documents needed.



Up to 3 children

Move in to Germany Move-In Relocation Services


WikiMove assists you to handle your day to day issues:

Explain a letter you received, make an appointment or deal with a third party by phone.

Request of support in English, French or Spanish.

Answer wihtin 8 hours.

Have a clear explanation of a document in German.

Have assistance to make an appointment over the phone.


29.90€ / Month

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Data confidentiality of our customers is key for Get In Expat. That’s the reason when you use our digital tools (city registration and kids allowance), all the personal data entered is not kept in our servers and is deleted after the PDF are generated and sent to your email.