What is the Chancenkarte in Germany ? (Opportunity Card)

The Chancenkarte is a new type of German visa that will allow qualified non-EU citizens to come to Germany for up to 1 year to search for a job. This new visa will be launched on June,1st 2024.

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How to get the Chancenkarte in Germany ?

There are two ways of obtaining your Chancenkarte in Germany:

  1. You meet the criteria of the German skilled worker recognition process: you qualifiy directly without needing points
  2. You need to score a minimum of 6 points on various criterias defined by the German Chancenkarte law
how to get the Chancenkarte
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What are the criteria to get the Chancenkarte with points ?

If you are not eligible as a skilled worker, you can qualify by achieving a minimum of 6 points on criteria based mainly on your qualifications, your work experience, your languages skills.

The minimum criteria are:

  • having a professional qualification OR a university degree (recognized by your country)
  • A1 level in German OR B2 level in English

How to apply for the Chancenkarte in Germany ?

This new visa will come into force on June 1st 2024 so you cannot apply before this date.

As for the other procedures for applying for a German visa, you will need to contact the German consulate or embassy in your home country: fill in an online form, send the documents and attend an interview.

We recommend that you start preparing documents proving your qualifications, professional experience and language skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Chancenkarte is new tool to bring more people in Germany. This is a unique opportunity for you to come and live the German dream

Here are some questions you may have about this new visa. If others come, contact us directly!

The Chancenkarte is not a work visa but allows you to work part time to cover your living expenses:

  • maximum 20 hours per week
  • maximum 2 weeks as a trial period for a qualified employment or a training or as a recognition step of your qualifications

Yes. As with all German visas, you need be able to prove that you can support yourself for the duration of your visa without working.

The minimum requirement in 2024 is 934€/month (11 208€).

Be prepared to show evidence of a health insurance and a first accomodation,

The Chancenkarte cannot be renewed.

You can apply for another Chancenkarte only after you have spent one year in your home country.

If you got an employment contract or a binding offer and, for specific reason, you don’t meet the criteria for another residence permit, a Folge-Chancenkarte (a follow up Chancenkarte) will be issued for up to 2 years.

Family reunification has not yet been included in the law.

However, you can apply for a Chancenkarte with your spouse or life partner if you both meet the requirements.

An additional point is even awarded to each of you in this case.

In German immigration law, there is a Skilled Immigration Act Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz) which defines easier access for skilled workers to immigrate to Germany.

A skilled worker is either:

  • a person holding a university degree recognized by Germany
  • an person with a vocational training recognized by Germany

Visit the German official recognition portal for more details (https://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de/html/en/index.php)

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