Kindergeld: Child Allowance in Germany

Find out here all that you need to know about the financial support from the German government for families with children.


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What is the Kindgergeld?

The child allowance, also known as Kindergeld, is a monthly benefit provided by the German government to help families with the cost of raising children. It is intended to support parents in covering the expenses related to childcare and education. The Kindergeld is available to all parents or legal guardians residing in Germany, regardless of their income or employment status. 


What is included in our service?

Get In Expat offers the possibility of filling out the official application form  in English accurately to provide all the necessary information, including details about your child, your family, and your bank account information for the payment. Right here, right now!

Once you have filled it out with us you will receive a PDF file that you will have to submit to the Family Benefits Office.

What documents do I need to apply for the child allowance in Germany?

To apply for the Kindergeld in Germany, you generally need to submit the official form for each child with all the answers along with a list of documents such as birth certificates or passports of the child/children, proof of residence in Germany, tax identification number (Steueridentifikationsnummer) for yourself and your child/children, proof of bank account, such as bank statements.


Kindergeld Service Plan - Child Allowance Application


One time payment


✓ Process guidance and support in English
✓ Checklist of all the documents required
✓ Completed form for each child
✓ Printed official Kindergeld form in German
✓ Service Support provided in English, French and Spanish

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kindergeld in Germany is a great benefit you can take advantage of if you have children and are considering moving to Germany. At Get In Expat we provide the official form for you to fill out and then submit to the office.

Here are some questions we receive about the kindergeld that might help you in the process. If others come up, contact us directly!

Kindergeld, also known as child allowance, is a financial benefit provided by the German government to support families with children.

Kindergeld is available to all parents or legal guardians residing in Germany, regardless of their income or employment status. You are generally eligible if you have a child under the age of 18, or under the age of 25 if they are still in education or vocational training.

Once you have submitted the application to the Family Benefits Office (Familienkasse) or the local employment agency and it has been approved you will start receiving monthly payments in your bank account.

The Kindergeld is available to all parents or legal guardians residing in Germany, regardless of their income or employment status.

After submitting your application, the Family Benefits Office will review your application and supporting documents. It may take some time (between 3 weeks and 2 months) for the application to be processed, so be patient. If any additional information or documents are required, they will contact you.

Since January 2023, the child benefit has increased to a uniform monthly rate of 250 euros per child. There are no longer different amounts depending on the number of children for whom child benefit is paid.

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