Kindergeld in Germany

Top 5 points about Kindergeld in Germany: 2024 guide

Top 5 points about Kindergeld in Germany in 2024

As a family, Kindergeld (“Child Benefit” or “Child Allowance”) is probably the second word you hear after Anmeldung when you move to Germany.

What is Kindergeld ?

Kindergeld is the child benefit system in Germany.

Every family, from their first child and whatever their income, can apply for the Kindergeld and receive this child benefit.

The Kindergeld is paid monthly for each child by the Familienkasse (the family benefits office).

Who can get the Kindergeld in Germany?

Any citizen living in Germany (whatever her/his nationality) and having at least one child.
In the general case, your child must be under 18 years old.
Between 18 and 25 years old, some conditions must be met: use our tool or contact your family benefits office to check.

How to apply for Kindergeld in Germany ?

You just moved to Germany ?
The best way to apply for Child Benefit is to use our tool. Take a look to this 2 minutes demo and apply.

How much is Kindergeld ?

Each year, the Kindergeld amount could change.
In 2024, the child allowance is 250€/month (no matter the number of children)

When to apply for Kindergeld ?

You are new in Germany:

  • if you come from EU country, you can apply once you’ve done your Anmeldung

  • If you come from another country, you have to wait until you have obtained your resident permit

You are already in Germany and your child has just been born, you must wait for the birth certificate.

Have in mind that you have up to 6 months to apply once moving to Germany to get the full child benefit from your date of arrival.

Where to apply for the Kindergeld ?

The Kindergeld has to be sent to your local FamilienKasse.

Find the address here: