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Kita in Berlin – Your 2023 guide

How to find Kita in Berlin in 4 steps ?

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am one of the co-founders of Kietzee, a platform that helps (international) parents in Berlin navigate family life, including finding a Kita in Berlin for your children.

Kita is short for Kindertagesstätte, which means Children Daycare in Germany.

Finding a Kita in Berlin can be a very lengthy and exhausting process, but with the right tools and strategy, you should be able to secure a spot for your child(ren) in your neighborhood.

Here are the 4 steps to follow to find your daycare in Berlin:

Berlin Kita finder

1. Build your Kita list 

First, think about what is important to you in your Kita search (size of the Kita, facilities, opening hours, bilingual/languages, parental work, location of the Kita in Berlin…). Then, start researching Kitas in your neighborhood and perhaps also near your work, if that would be convenient for you.

You can use our Berlin Kita finder on Kietzee (search function) to look up Kitas by postcode, district or name of the Kita.

If you live centrally, you should research about 20-30 Kitas to apply to.

2. Contact the Kitas in Berlin

Unfortunately, each Kita has their own application process – some have an online form to fill in, others want to be contacted by email, phone or in person, others tell you not to call or visit in person…

So check the Kita website for information or call to find out how to apply.

Then write up a nice letter with the key details (your child’s name, date of birth and your desired Kita start date). It’s also nice to include some more information about your family and why you like a specific Kita.

Here’s a separate blog post on what to include in your Kita application including a sample application letter. This could also work in any other city in Germany.

Apply for a Kita in Berlin

3. Apply for the Kita-Gutschein

Did you know that Kitas are (almost) free in Berlin?

However, in order to claim your spot in a Kita in Berlin and have it financed, you will need to apply for the Kita-Gutschein (voucher).

For this you need to provide some information about your family and your employment situation. You’ll also need to include documentation such as copies of your IDs and also confirmation of your permanent residence in Berlin (Anmeldebestätigung).

If you’re just in the process of moving to Germany but know where you’ll be living, you may be able to start the process early by providing a letter from your future landlord and/or the rental contract. Speak with the Jugendamt of the district you’ll be living in to find out how they want you to proceed.

At some offices, you can also make an appointment and attend with all your documentation ready. Response times vary by Jugendamt and the time of year but it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to receive your voucher if there are no further questions.

Here’s a detailed article on How and When to Apply for the Kita Voucher.

Kita application follow up

4. Do your follow-ups

After submitting your Kita applications, make sure to follow up with your favorite Kitas in Berlin regularly to let them know you are still interested and to see if they may have a spot for your child(ren).

You can also keep them posted on the progress of your Kitagutschein application and let them know once you have received it.

See our detailed article on how and when to do your follow-ups.

Last but not least: Stay positive and you will find your child daycare spot! 

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!

You can find more resources on our blog.

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