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Some articles that will help when living in Germany, making your relocation a success. Don’t forget to check out all our services.

How to move to Germany from the US in 10 steps: All you need to know as a US citizen

How to move from US to Germany: 10 essential steps Considering a move to Germany from the US? Then you’re in the right place! We’re going to walk you through the entire process of relocating to Germany to make your transition as straightforward as possible. Why move to Germany? Germany is an economic powerhouse, recently […]

How to move to Germany in 5 steps – Get In Expat makes it happen!

Are you seeking guidance on how to move to Germany? We have got you covered! With its position as the 3rd largest economy globally and impressively low unemployment rate, Germany is a rich hunting ground for job seekers from all over the world. Germany is your place, especially if you are equipped with the latest […]

Working in Germany: your 2024 guide

10 things you need to know about working in Germany Germany is the the world’s third largest economy, with a large industrial sector and well-known companies. The country has a growing need for qualified professionals to fill the labor shortage in all fields. You’re thinking of moving to Germany and finding your new dream job […]

Learn German: podcasts 2024 review

The top 8 podcasts to learn German in 2024 Undoubtedly, to learn any language, one has to learn the basics of grammar rules and plenty of new words. Unfortunately, this is often not enough.  And generally speaking, the best way to improve your level is to listen to natives speaking. And there are many options […]

Education system in Germany in 2024 ?

Navigating the German Education System for Expat Families Relocating to Germany with school-aged children can be an exciting journey, but it is essential to understand the German education system to ensure a smooth transition.  My name is Christin and I have been a high school teacher for more than 10 years and I am also [...]

Top 5 points about Kindergeld in Germany: 2024 guide

Top 5 points about Kindergeld in Germany in 2024 As a family, Kindergeld (“Child Benefit” or “Child Allowance”) is probably the second word you hear after Anmeldung when you move to Germany. What is Kindergeld ? Kindergeld is the child benefit system in Germany. Every family, from their first child and whatever their income, can […]

10 questions & answers foreigners have when moving to Germany

Ready to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to your old life? The idea of moving to Germany might seem a lot like stepping into a fairy tale with sausages, beer, and autobahns with no speed limit, but that’s before all sorts of questions start coming to your mind. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find answers […]

Kita in Berlin – Your 2023 guide

How to find Kita in Berlin in 4 steps ? Hi, my name is Lisa and I am one of the co-founders of Kietzee, a platform that helps (international) parents in Berlin navigate family life, including finding a Kita in Berlin for your children. Kita is short for Kindertagesstätte, which means Children Daycare in Germany. […]

Successfully find your job in Germany in 2023

How to find a job in Germany ? The German job market before the pandemic Looking at the German labour market prior pandemic, the lack of skilled staff had already been severe. A study conducted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung which was released in February 2019 states that Germany is dependent on immigration from countries outside […]

Expats in Frankfurt Guide 2024

Expats in Frankfurt: learn all the secrets in 10 minutes Big enough to feel like a metropolitan city but small enough to feel like a village!  Honestly, it’s a contradiction that at times is difficult to comprehend, yet, the longer I live here the more it rings true.  And, if you’ve lived in London, New […]

Public Health insurance Germany: the Barmer review

Public Health Insurance Germany in 2023 with Barmer What are the benefits of public health insurance in Germany? The German social security system is based in the solidarity principle. This means that the strong support the weak, the healthy support the sick and the young support the old. This means all members pay into the […]

Succeed Freelancing in Germany: your 2022 guide

5 things to know to start freelancing in Germany Hello, my name is Sebastian and I work for Smart in Germany. Smart is a cooperative for freelancers allowing them to handle their professional activities within the structure of a shared company. They process their freelance activities through Smart and receive their payment as employees of […]

Expats in Germany: 10 Tips for a successful move in Germany

10 Tips for a successful move for Expats in Germany After a while in a new country, you always think “If I had had this advice sooner…” Here is the list of 10 tips in Germany that every Expat should know before moving to Germany. Tip 1: Get your documents ready Tip 2: Choose your […]

Certified translations in Germany in 2022

Certified translations in Germany in 2022 In Germany, official documents that have been issued with a stamp or signature by a foreign authority usually have to be translated by a certified translator. These documents only acquire legal validity through the attestation clause and the signature of the translator. This certification, which confirms the accuracy of […]

Health Insurance in Germany – In 7 key points

Learn about Health Insurance in Germany in 7 key questions – 2023 Today I am writing an article about the most frequently asked questions regarding health insurance in Germany. It is a thing in Germany, because it is mandatory to have insurance.  In other words, every person who lives in Germany must be insured.  Firstly, […]

Dental Insurance in Germany

Dental Insurance in Germany   Why isn’t dental covered by public health insurance? After moving to Germany and hearing about how excellent the health insurance system is, you might be wondering why, after your yearly dental check-up, you were hit with a bill ranging from €100 to €120 if you’re young, healthy and don’t have […]

Visa in Germany: your 2023 guide to choosing the right visa for your profile

How to choose your Visa in Germany Moving to Germany  One of the most important topics to consider before moving is whether you will need a visa to live or work in that particular country i.e. Germany . As a Mexican, I can really identify with the relevance and importance of this topic. Being a […]

Succeed your move to Germany: your 2023 guide for paperwork

7 public offices to know when you move to Germany   When you arrive in a new place regardless of whether you are a local or a foreigner, there is always the same question when you need to either, apply or submit paperwork! I remember in Morocco, as a national citizen, before even applying for […]