How to change your tax class in Germany ?

In Germany, the tax class (Steuerklasse) plays a key role in defining your financial calculation. You are a couple or a family that has just moved to Germany ? Find out here how to change your tax class in Germany

tax class change germany

Support to fill out the tax class change application in Germany

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What is the tax class in Germany (Steuerklasse) ?

The tax class, Steuerklasse in German, is a criteria used by the German tax office to adjust your taxes based on your household. This system is only used for employees.

There are 7 tax classes, in Germany: from 1 to 6 (see FAQ section)

what is tax class in Germany ?
how do you know your tax class in Germany

How do you know your tax class once in Germany ?

When you arrive in Germany, the first step is the city registration (Anmeldung).  The city authorities will inform the Finance Office (Finanzamt) which will generate your Tax ID (Steuer-ID) and assign you a tax class. To find your tax class, your can ask your company or check your first payslip.

Generally, you will have a tax class 1 if you are single or you arrive without your partner in Germany. If you arrived with your partner, both of you will get tax class 4.

Why do you need to change your tax class in Germany ?

When you marital status changes in Germany, you may need to change your tax class.

In the case of expats families arriving in Germany and one of the partners does not work, it is recommend to change your tax class to automatically adjust your taxes.

why do you need to change your tax class in Germany

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Frequently Asked Questions

Changing your tax class after your arrival in Germany helps you to have a more realistic net income without waiting for your tax return . At Get In Expat, we know that the first months in Germany imvolve a lot of expenses, with this tool we want to reduce this burden

Here are some questions we receive about the tax class in Germany that might help you in the process. If others come, contact us directly!

Tax class 1: for singles, divorced, widowers and none married couples

Tax class 2: for single parents

Tax class 3: in a married couple, for the partner with the highest salary (the other partner will be assigned tax class 5)

Tax class 4: for married couples with similar income

Tax class 4 Faktor: for married couples with a more precise distribution between partners

Tax class 5: in a married couple, for the partner with the lowest salary (the other partner will be assigned tax class 3)

Tax class 6: for individuals with multiple taxable incomes

There is no one best option for tax class in Germany. All depends on your family status.

If you are single, tax class 1 is the default option

If you are married, tax class 4/4 (4 for each partner) is the default one

The tax class objective is to ensure a more accurate tax calculation during the year.

Your annual tax return will provide your final taxes statement with a tax refund or addtional amount to pay

For a married couple, there are 3 options:

  • Tax class 4/4: for similar income
  • Tax class 3/5 or 5/3: when a partner does not work or a partner has a much lower salary
  • Tax class 4F/4F. for similar incomes with a specific accuracy factor applied

We always recommend our clients to consult a German tax advisor

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