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Germany is one of the most popular countries for expats looking for jobs. It is also one of the easiest places to obtain a work visa. However, there are certain requirements that must be met before applying. Get In Expat has the experience and the tools to help you.

Work in Germany: find a job and apply for visa

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Let us guide you through the requirements and the process to apply for a visa, or to boost your career when pursuing a job in Germany.

German Visa Package


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✓ One-hour consultation with an immigration expert
✓ Find out which visa is right for you
✓ Discover what documents you need
✓ Get all your questions answered

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✓ One-hour consulting service
✓ Tips on how to find a job
✓ CV or Cover Letter Review
✓ Interview preparation

Work in Germany

Get In Expat specializes in guiding and connecting you to promising career opportunities in Germany, ensuring a smooth transition to the German job market.

All you need to know about getting your Visa for Germany

There are different kinds of German visas, and many ways to obtain a visa in Germany. What kind of visa do you need? It would vary, depending on your specific case. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you to figure out the option that best suits you.

Work in Germany
Work in Germany - Find a Job in Germany

All you need to know about finding a job in Germany

Germany has a diverse job market and is a dream destination for many expats seeking new opportunities. Get In Expat can help expats find a job in Germany with ease and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a pre-established packages to help you find a Job in Germany and get the right visa you need for your relocation to Germany, but we strive to make your relocation process smooth, so if you still have questions check out our frequently asked questions or contact us directly vía de chat o through the contact form.

Yes, we can assist you in understanding and obtaining the required work visas and permits for Germany. We provide guidance on the application process, required documentation, and legal requirements, ensuring you have the necessary permits to work legally in the country.

No. This is not part of our service, but we do offer guidance and prepare you for interviews. We recommend different portals and partners to help you find the job of your dream in Germany but it is up to you to register for the positions. 

Germany has a high demand for skilled professionals in various sectors, including engineering, IT, healthcare (especially nursing), and the STEM fields. The demand may vary by region and industry. It’s advisable to research your specific field to understand the current job market dynamics and opportunities.

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